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Electric clothesline

This is a story about what happened to my brother and cousins friend. This kid hadn't been in the country much and didn't know a lot about fences and things. The boys was running up to the house for some reason i cant remember why. there was a wire that had red rags on it that was ran from the house to the main fence that was about chest high and hard to see after dark. my brother and my cousin ducked under the wire, the friend of theirs didn't see the wire there and didn't know to duck underneath it and ran right into it.

He stood up and then went under it and caught up with the boys who was sitting in the house already and told them "I didn't know you had a electric clothesline". We all laughed and laughed about this and had to tell him it was a electric fence not a clothesline. He had never even heard of a electric fence.

We still laugh about this from time to time when we get to thinking or talking about it. I thought i would share it with you and let you all get a laugh from it too.

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This is a story that i posted on bubblews on June 1st 2014

I hope that i credited the photo right so i will get payed for it.

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SandraLPetersen wrote on June 14, 2014, 10:03 AM

I never touched an electric fence before but my uncle and aunt had a very small dairy farm and they had electric fences to keep the cows from wandering too much. They didn't tie rags on theirs. They had some other way of marking it. I don't remember how. An electric clothesline? Nope. Don't think I'd hang clothes there.

LeaPea2417 wrote on December 13, 2015, 4:27 PM

Ha, ha, ha, that is a cute story. I would have never thought to call an electric fence an electric clothes line, :)