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Computer 101: A - Z (Letter G)


Need an assistance, regarding PC parts and software, here's your number one stop in learning computer very easy and basic just like learning A B C.

Internet Category
Google company is the world's biggest and popular search engine in the world. Google become a popular search engine because of it's organized links while searching for websites and more unique searching rather than yahoo. Because of it's popularity , Google created several programs that associated with it's core search engine. Now Google company has now , "Gmail, Google Chrome, Google Maps, Google Drive, they also made Adsense. They not only excel in software making also they excel in creating google phones and tablet devices, like google nexus. Google acquired android company in year 2005 and Google also integrates it's programs to android devices to make better handheld technology and improve performance, now Google Chrome is also available to smarthphones and tablets. (Including Ipad & Iphone).

Technical Category
Gigahertz (Ghz)s the measurement for the speed of a computer. 1 Gigahertz is equal to 1000 Megahertz or 1,000,000,000 Hz. We commonly use Ghz because it's easy to pronunce like 2 GHZ rather than 2,000 MHz . Gigahertz can also be applied to CPU speed or Ram Speed or other hardware's speed. But comparing CPU to CPU Speed is not alwats acccurate, remember different architecture doesn't it mean the other processor is faster than the other company's processor (see INTEL & AMD competition), but comparing the GHZ speed on the same series , can make a huge impact to computation speed, pentium IV (3.0Ghz) is greater than pentium III (1.2 Ghz)

Hardware Category
(Graphic Card)
Graphic Cards (Sometimes called Videocard) are expansion devices usually inserted on PCI, AGP or PCI-EXPRESS motherboards. It's main purpose is to produce good quality graphics for rendering, especially on gaming. PCI and AGP are legacy slots, we commonly use PCI EXPRESS as the commonly use slot for our Graphics Card. The Graphic Cards acts like CPU but it specialize in graphic intensive processing. The Graphic Cards can be categorize it's memory speed like DDR2, DDR3 or GDDR5 or it's memory bandwidth 64 bit, 128 bit or 256 bit or more , the higher this memory and bandwidth the faster the card is. It has GPU(Graphic Processing Unit similar to CPU) that encase with shroud or aluminum metal use to protect and cool of the GPU processor of Graphic Cards.

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