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Joined a Futsal Tournament - UNKNOWINGLY!!!

Picture is mine.

If you've been reading my posts, you'd know that I'm a big sports fan. I try to play the game myself, games that is. I play basketball, I'm into boxing and muay thai. I dabbled (ok, more than dabbled) in Brazilian jiu jitsu and mixed martial arts. I'm planning to take up archery later in the year as well.

Of course, I've talked about football, and although I've turned down invites to play a full pitch, I've had my 8-a-side matches at half-a-pitch. Now, recently an offer to play futsal, it is indoor football, came up. I quickly jumped at the offer. 5-a-side in a pitch the size of a basketball court ain't too bad.

Or so I thought?

I actually thought that we were playing a series of games like the friendlies, turned out, it is a full tournament composed of eight teams. The teams are divided into two division, four teams each division. The two divisions are the Primera and Segunda divisions. That's Premier and Secondary divisions, teams in the Premier division are made up of collegiate and professional football players while the teams in the Secondary division are made up of weekend warriors, college students, corporate nut jobs and the like who are just fans of the sport and want to play it on a recreational basis.

Anyway, so I found myself playing for one of the Segunda teams.

Had a game last Wednesday.

Will talk about how it went and the tournament format in another post.

Question for you guys and girls, have you played futsal, football, soccer (or whatever you prefer to call it)? Plus, have you thought that you were joining one thing and was surprised that you joined something else?

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