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Persona Paper Coin to Dollars Exchange Rate Looks Good

After two days of my first post at PersonaPaper I visited back and found that my first article had got 24 something views and 19 likes. I do like the fact that my first ever post got 19 likes - but it is disappointing to see that the article only got around 24 views for two full days.

But the next interesting thing I noticed was the 'exchange rate' between 'coins' and dollars in PersonaPaper. Coins are the points we earn at PersonaPaper for posting quality and unique articles. Also you receive coins for all comments and likes you get on your posts.

What I noticed has been uploaded as an image with this post. It shows my current earnings based on the coins I have earned.

I just have 50 coins and that translates into $0.25, which is pretty decent considering that I have only one post amde here and it got only 24 odd views. So I have a good feeling about PersonaPaper, with regards to being able to reach the first redemption fast. The 50 coins had got me to 5% of the redemption target. Don't know how many coins this post will earn. But if everything goes well, I would reach a dollar shortly.

Photo Credits: My own capture of my Bank details.

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