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Trust is a very powerful thing. Once you loose the trust there really is no way to get it back. You can try and will get a lot of it back but you wont fully get the trust back. There are different situations of trust issues also.

One of them is the trust in a relationship that the other person wont lie or cheat on you. We all start out with that trust and have it until we give them reason to believe anything different. Then once we do something to make them think different we have lost their trust and can never fully get it back because they will always think about the one time that you broke their trust.

There is the trust between friends that the other friend wont talk about them behind their back or date a ex or someone that they are interested in. When that trust is broken sometimes the friendship is broken also and that cant be replaced. They may forgive you eventually but they will never forget what happened and will always worry that it will happen again at some point in time.

Then there is the trust of family members. The child and parents and the trust of other family members. The parents always want to think that the child is going to know what is right and wrong and will always make the right decision. They trust them to be home at curfew, Trust them now to drink or do drugs, Trust them to drive save and many other things. Once you break the trust on one of these issues you have to earn back the trust but it is never fully there again.

With all these thing and people that trust us to do or not do so many things why is it that nobody really understands when you make a mistakes? I aint talking about a real serious offence but just something minor. Sometimes i feel like everyone is trusting me to do all the right things that i just want to take a day and do the wrong choices just to get it out of my system so i can once again make all the right choices again and everyone will still trust me.

What do you think about this?

was written on bubblews on November 27th 2013

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LadyDuck wrote on June 14, 2014, 7:39 AM

I know you wrote this post on Bubblews, but I suggest you to state this in the credit. I mean "written by me on ..." This just to avoid confusion.