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I miss you! (Part 1)

Heaven on revenue, loss leaves many streets, the wind rustling your hair roll, roll my shirt ... I suddenly wanted to write something, so when you read about to fall asleep in class, so you contemplate whenever his silence, and he closed his eyes for a few minutes, you remember ...

It is often immeasurable love in the length of time, there are people who love each other a few weeks, there are people who love each other to understand each other and tolerate each other a few months well, love each other for several years, even a lifetime . The dates we love each other long enough to boast, afraid of being with other people, I did not even dare to count, afraid of sad. But if on the other standards, with a different measure, clearly we've been together a long time since he right. This is the estimated their children with happy memories of her sad we had together.

-to be continue-

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