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Avoid as far as possinle

Dear Friends,

Infact , obecsity is the constipation of the whole body.

It is the symptom of old age.

As the constipation is the mother of almost all the diseases, so is the obesity the cause of innumerable diseases.

Avoid far as possible:

1* High Carbohydrate and high protein in diet

2* Body warps

3* Fats butters, cheese, sugar, salt, pickles meat.

4* White flour products

5* Sweets ,cakes,cream, pastries etc, chocolate

6* Intoxicants, tobacco, aerated drinks, stimulants etc

7* Very seet and sugary fruits-Banana, cheeku, mango etc

8* Fried food , bread, sugar, syrup, puddings

9* Potato, Arbi, rice, pulses milk etc

This I write to those willing to reduce ,as like treatment.

Please do not cut food all on a sudden because it will lead to weakness.

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sunny2014 wrote on June 13, 2014, 11:19 PM

Thank sharing the post
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