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Just done eating my breakfast (shrimp yummy)

Yes I am too full this time.I am done eating my yummy breakfast.My husband prepared for our breakfast and he cooked shrimp with soup,I love it since sea foods are my favorite foods.Then that was the only remain to our refrigerator.I hope I could eat again especially crabs.Since today is Saturday I'm going to focus here as I said I want to redeem and experience the happiness of this site.

I can't wash the clothes now and I will tell you why on my next post here,just hold on guys,keep breathing with a normal,hehe.Anyway,did you take you meal,for those Filipino people have you taken your breakfast?oh do not skip any meal huh?In order to make you healthy always.

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LadyDuck wrote on June 14, 2014, 1:34 AM

It's so interesting to see what people have for breakfast in the different parts of the world. We had fresh fruits.