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Alien parachute returning to base

Well I thought everyone would enjoy seeing the aliens return to base in their parachute. They was going to try to take the parachute all the way home but it went off course and decided to land back at the base and repair it and then take off again. I cought this picture as the aliens was landing back at the base.

I was only joking this is a picture of my little brother exploding a airbag out of a car. Its weird that it could take off and go that far into the air. Just emagine if you was behind the wheel and it deployed with that much force how much damage it would do to you. I have never been in a wreck where the air bag has deployed but i have heard that sometimes you end up with bruised ribs.

The video of this can be seen at............

The picture is one i had taken from his video.

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LadyDuck wrote on June 14, 2014, 2:09 AM

I always thought that an airbag can harm someone. I am petite and thin, I am scared by the airbags.