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World Peace is a Pipedream

Peace on Earth, that’s something that many people wish that they had. It’s a big dream for all of us and I doubt that it’s one that we’re sadly going to achieve, at least in this generation.

The problem with world wide peace is that we can’t get it right on a local level or even a personal level. If humans are out to get each other for petty things on a personal level, then it’s going to spiral onwards and upwards from there.

I really wish that it would be different, I really do. But first we got to learn to get alone on a personal level.

The small stuff has to be taken care of before we go globally. Agreeing to disagree is hard because we’re a stubborn lot.

I’d like to see people get along but sadly, it doesn’t appear to be happening. The small stuff has to be taken care of first.

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Anja wrote on June 13, 2014, 7:41 PM

A long as the world is full of humans, you can forget that peaceful coexistence stuff. The most successful societies, as far as keeping peace within the group, have always been hunter-gatherer groups of only 25-30 individuals. More than that and there are too many individuals with personal agendas. Humans are flawed creatures, there will always be those who will cause trouble, will be lazy, will steal, etc. If humans were peaceful by nature, then we wouldn't need laws that make certain acts criminal. It's sad, but it is what it is.

LoftyDreams wrote on June 13, 2014, 11:33 PM

Well it's nature. How many species are out there in the world that fight each other or kill each other when their species is already in danger of dying out? The thought of working together to survive is something only those that can see their own end can achieve. Sadly with so many people now, people won't be seeing that end any time soon.