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Knowing Sihi Shell

Introducing Sihi Shell

Some are not familiar with this kind of shell but pricking out the meat this shell was our favorite pastime during our yesteryears when we were still kids in the province.

Whenever our mother is going to the market, we often tell her to buy "sihi" instead of any other foodstuffs. I do not know why even the process of pricking out the meat of this tiny shells is so tedious, we were not bored for an hour or even more in doing so.

All we need to use in pricking out the flesh of the shell inside is either a pointed toothpick, a long pin or thorns of pomelo and any other long thorns of plants available.

The shells of Sihi can be used as decorative mosaic and beads, it is also used to design floors and walls. But for us children, we use them for our games like the famous "bug-oy" during our time.

Hopefully you can also experience pricking out sihi flesh and put it direct to your mouth as food.

Image through the creation of Doodsdpogi ®

Originally Published in Bubblews by the same and one author Doodsdpogi ®

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