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WWE Superstars 6/12/2014

WWE Superstars for June 12th 2014 featured Adam Rose takes on the sole survivor of the 3MB, Heath Slater.

Titus O’Neil takes on Dolph Ziggler on Superstars to open things up. Titus says that Superstars is his show. Where’s Zack Ryder when you need him to defend his turf? Titus used a nice power game to take on Zigger. Then Ziggler popped in from out of nowhere, grabbed Titus. Bam, Zig Zag gets the pin. Dolph Ziggler gets the win here on Superstars over Titus O’Neil. Fair enough showcase match.

Heath Slater is with the recently fired Jinder Mahal and the other recently fired Drew McIntyre, along with Hornswoggle, talking about Adam Rose. Oh this promo is really funny given hindsight. They’re the rock stars of the WWE.

Adam Rose picked up the win over Heath Slater with the Party Foul. Hornswoggle was de-wigged. The 3MB didn’t get entrances. And now two of them are gone. Rose wins his Superstars debut.

Superstars was another miss of a show this week.

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melody23 wrote on June 13, 2014, 5:43 PM

I couldn't tell you the last time I watched Superstars! I believe it is only still in existence because they have a tv deal over here for it (the UK) as soon as that deal ends hopefully so will superstars. I would love to know how Slater kept his job when the others didn't, I mean he has done nothing of note since I first seen him live at Raw in London in 2007 where he got his ass handed to him by Shane McMahon.