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Dont forget to Like This Post - Oh Darn Gotta go back!

Darn! what's wrong my memory?

I threw this under the random category because the title is more of a after thought we all tend to have after forgetting to do so. Do what you say?

Forgetting to Like the article you just enjoyed reading, Well I always tend to forget from time to time what I'm even doing online LOL :)

Then that light bulb lights up in this super big head of mine, and I remember far to late to complete that Pay it Forward! process of reading, commenting, and then Liking a persons awesomely well written article, or one that was just a blast to consume mentally.

So before you choose to run down the screen with your mouse or wherever you choose to click to do the next move after commenting, why not try your best to remember to head up to the very upper RIGHT portion of the screen so to be able to click that good ole " Like this post " button. (You cannot like your own, it states you already have after submitting each post." ;)

Well if you forget its Okay, but the more you forget, it will not count in your favor over time all the reading you've done other than for the comments you leave on every post.

I'm sure this awesome website is keeping track of every single thing we choose to do or not do, and so that paying it forward (Clicking like) actually helps you as a social commentator and also helps the author of these super cool Persona Papers.

Image Credit: Mike Pugh aka CloudExplorer


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Platespinner wrote on June 13, 2014, 5:15 PM

I am finding myself forgetting to "like" occasionally as well. I have also forgotten to slide the picture thingy a couple of times as well (pretty sad since I've only posted 3 articles).