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dental caries

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Dental caries or tooth decay is the most important cause of tooth loss.


At first , the tooth may be merely sensitive to hot and cold substances in the mouth

and also to pressure from bitting.

Later, an abcess forms at the base of the tooth and the pain becomes sever.

It may be sharp, throbbing, shooting or constant.

If the tooth is not properly treated, it will eventually have to be extracted.


Dental caries results from faulty diet.

The most common cause of this disease is the consumption of soft drinks, cakes, pastrries,

refined carbohydrates and sugar in all forms.

Lack of balance between carbohydrates and protinsand insufficient intake of vitamins and

minerals also contribute to this disease.

It is commonly prevalent where refined , devitalised, processed and demineralised food ,

grown on soils deficient in minerals are eaten.

Food particles lodged in the mouth may provide a suitable place for the growth of bacteria.

These in turn, produce a local acid reaction which taken attacks the surface of the tooth.

Minute cracks or defects in the enamel,or hard.

Outer covering of the tooth may also lead to thois process.

Once the enamel has been eroded the body of the tooth is more easily damaged

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