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Dementia Is Very Trying At Times

Hair Appointment

I mentioned in my last article on dementia that my sister in law is now staying with us "for a few days" and has now been here for about 5 weeks. I got her a hair appointment a couple of weeks ago and she seemed to enjoy it, so booked another appointment for today, Friday, which was always her regular day for going to the hairdresser. I told her last night that she had an appointment today and thought she would be excited, to have something to do. Came today and trying to wake her at 11 am, for an appointment at 1pm!

Fast Asleep

She has excellent hearing (better than mine and probably near perfect for her age) but she could not hear me saying it was time to wake up! Took me half an hour to get her to acknowledge I was there and finally got her downstairs for a cup of tea and toast and reminded her about the hair appointment. NO! She did NOT have a hair appointment, she was not going to Belfast (where her original hairdresser works) she couldn't be bothered. I told her she had an appointment card, which I gave her last night and she put in her purse but today, she could not find it. Told her the appointment was nearby.

Made It Exactly On Time

We got to the hairdresser at exactly 1pm. It had taken me 2 hours to get her there, a 5 minute walk from my house. Once she was done and left, she didn't like that hairdresser, they didn't use enough hairspray. I suggested going back to get more but no, she was never going there again! She will have to go, because she doesn't wash her own hair and hasn't for many years. Her weekly hair appointment was a great pleasure to her but with the difficulty getting her out of bed, I cannot face booking an appointment in Belfast and then missing the train because she has decided she doesn't want to hurry.

No Sense Of Time

When she was going herself to Belfast, she said the hairdresser didn't like her being late! It was because she would not, or could not get herself out of the house in time to catch the bus and always blamed the buses for not turning up on time, ie when she was willing to get out and stand at the bus stop. This must be dementia because her father (my late father in law) was always a stickler for punctuality and instilled it in his children.

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