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If Your Mouth Could Talk (a book review)

Just finished an academic book entitled 'If Your Mouth Could Talk' An In depth Guide to Oral Health and Its' Impact on Your Entire Life written by Kami Hoss. This academic book teaches us more than just how to care for our mouths for we should know how to do this since we learned how in our early childhoods. It shows and tells us how the whole body is connected and starts with our mouths. Reading the introduction the reader will learn how to become a more healthy person starting with their mouths. We all need to see a dentist at least that we know twice a year and Dr. Hoss knows from his experience in his field no one likes going to the dentist, but he says early intervention is really the only way to promote good overall health and even longevity.

We need to start learning proper mouth care as early as possible Dr. Hoss states that the mouth impacts every thing and we have to be more aware of our mouths and what we can do about mouth care more efficiently. He teaches us about how our mouths are microbiomes and then describes our mouths anatomically, as well as the malformations that occur from very early childhood through late adulthood. He defines a microbiome as an area of tiny organisms in and on your body. All our microbiomes are different. Dr. Hoss also goes into a little history of how dentists and physicians were alike, but not. Another idea he talks about is the nature/nurture theory along with a mini lesson on 'What is DNA?' as well as exploring 'epigenetics' or how does our bodies know what to do everyday, and how the choices we make in living our lives from doing proper mouth care to our emotional and physical environments effect us. All through this book Dr. Hoss has blocked off important ideas in segments entitled 'Chew on This' and 'Connecting the Dots'. He also offers learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter. When we care and perform proper mouth care we will improve our general health from improving (lowering) blood pressure and other health concerns. Dr. Hoss teaches us in choosing mouth care items using his SUPER checklist.

S- Safe; U-unified; P-playful; E-effective; R-repetitable products and goes on to explain each one. Dr. Hoss has written this book for all from new parents, children and youth, young adults and adults including the elderly. He also states that you, but he knows that there are people who will always be nervous about going to the dentist. DON'T BE!

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MegL wrote on December 19, 2022, 4:44 PM

Interesting. The Greeks used to say let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food. Good to see this idea being carried on.