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It seems like many years ago that I wrote a few very short book reviews for a writing site by the name of The site is no longer running for I think for I tried to do a search and it seems nothing turns up unless I am looking in the places. Anyway I have some very short and short book reviews that I wrote for them and I would like to share them here, since that site does not seem to exist anymore. Here goes. A long time ago I read a Danielle Steele book entitled 'Johnny Angel' that is about the idea of relationships along with the idea of life and death and all the emotions that they bring forth. This is also a story that will allow the reader to figure out an answer or a few answers to a happy or sad occurrence of living. 'Johnny Angel' is about all the questions as well as the answers along with the search thereof in these kinds of issues. 'Johnny Angel' is a book that teaches a view of spirituality in an altruistic manner.


Another short review that I shared with was one entitled 'A Prize for Parry' and is written by Janet Slater Redhead and illustrated by Elette Wheeler. This is a children's picture book if I remember right that is about diversity. It is a story about a cat who happens to have a disability. It is also a book about acceptance and being able to show what one can still do with a particular disability in a few ways and finding out what your talent may be. It is a book that I would use in a Play therapy session dealing with this kind of issue.


'My Happy Easter Book' written by Gloria A. Truitt and Len Ebert, the illustrator. 'My Happy Easter Book' is a children's picture book for the very young and young child beginning to understand what living is all about and all the understanding that one must try to do. It could be a beginning spiritual lesson dealing with what Easter is really about and not just about the Easter Bunny and the candy. This is the celebration of Spring and New Life.

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MegL wrote on December 19, 2022, 4:41 PM

Glad to see book reviews markgraham . Always good to hear about new books. Please note, here are no payments being made by Personapaper