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Even an LED Draws Some Electricity

What is it about an LED that draws my attention? Well, for one thing, I expect complete darkness in my bedroom at night. Even an LED bothers me. So I hide my computer monitor's LED at night, as well as any other LEDs in the room.

So I notice them. So what? Well, to me they are a nuisance and a waste of electricity. Oh, I know there are other useful purposes to which they are put, and I have no complaint there. But I hate waste.

So how much electricity does a "useless" LED waste? Not much. But they do draw some electricity. Multiply that quantity by a gadzillion of the things and I suspect you'll come up with a surprising quantity. Now there is a mathematical equation for that waste...

P = K x Q

Pollution equals some constant times the number or quantity of LEDs of no value.

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MegL wrote on June 25, 2022, 2:01 PM

I know some years ago, a calculation was made that a"stand by" LED used about £10 in electricity a year. That might be £20 now, about $25 a year. You could have one on your CD player, the amp that powers it, your TV and many other electrical appliances. Some need to be there but I agree, as many as possible should be turned off. The LED doesn't bother me, though I think one sleeps better in total darkness.

VinceSummers wrote on June 25, 2022, 8:03 PM

Electricity does not come clean in this world. Solar is not prominently used. Nor is wind, steam, or any other such form.

MegL wrote on June 26, 2022, 4:02 PM

And even when they are used, manufacturing the panels or turbines costs a lot in terms of materials and pollution.