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St Nicholas's Day MONDAY 6th December 2021


My daughter's friend is from Hungary. Last Friday, her kids and some of my grandchildren made some preparations for St Nicholas's Day, which is celebrated on 6th December.

Clean Your Shoes

St Nicholas's Day is 6th December but St Nicholas pays visits to children on the evening of 5th December. That evening, children clean their shoes and put their wish list for Christmas into the shoes. St Nicholas picks up the list and leaves a small toy or treat in its place, maybe candy or something small.


A list in a shoe is a lot more useful to parents than a letter that goes up the chimney. I know a couple of girls who will be making sure their shoes are clean on Sunday evening!

Of course, Children get told to be on their best behaviour because St Nicholas has a "helper" who leaves coal for naughty kids.

Image Credit » Image by Keith Hardin from Pixabay

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lookatdesktop wrote on December 9, 2021, 5:59 PM

Nice. Not just anyone gets to be declared a Saint. But by his actions, showing generocity and good will, rewarding good with a gift and punishing bad behavior with a lump of coal should be enough motivation for most children who grow up in the spirit of giving on Christmas Day.

MegL wrote on December 10, 2021, 2:46 PM

Hi Anthony. Hopefully so. I am worried that most kids feel too "entitled" these days!