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And The Culprit Was ...

Scrubbing Potatoes

When the new potatoes come in, in the late spring, I cook them in their skins, just scrub the dirt off with a nail brush and remove any blemishes, though with new potatoes there often are very few. Once the dirt is gone, I return the nail brush to a small container beside the kitchen sink and cook the potatoes in boiling water. We eat the potatoes with their skins on, once the potatoes are done, as that retains as many vitamins as possible.


A couple of weeks ago, I went to scrub some more potatoes but the nail brush wasn't there. OK, I had a spare nail brush upstairs, got it and scrubbed the next lot of potatoes. A few days later, that nail brush disappeared too! I didn't know what was happening. Who was taking the nail brush? I asked the others in the house but no one admitted to removing my nail brush. I had one more nail brush available. Got that and scrubbed the potatoes.


Usually, I cook carrots as well, as everyone eats those and they are also good for my husband's guts. The two nailbrushes I had lost were both orange. Hmm


It suddenly struck me. I put the dirt scrubbed from the potatoes and the skins scraped from the carrots into the compost bin. Could the nail brushes be there? Yep, two orange nail brushes were sitting in the compost. The earliest one was acting as a nursery for baby woodlice!


Yes, the culprit was me. I had not removed the nailbrushes from the water when I threw the scrapings into the compost bin!

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VinceSummers wrote on September 14, 2021, 2:19 PM

Woodlice? Guess what? I've never heard of those. ...time passes... Oh, you mean pill bugs.

Last Edited: September 14, 2021, 4:11 PM

MegL wrote on September 14, 2021, 6:14 PM

Pill bugs? I haven't heard of those, LOL