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King Of The Pool

My friend recently got three ducks. They weren't being treated very well where they were, so she thought she'd give them a new home.

The biggest duck is a male named Puddles. There's a smaller white duck that's a female named Daisy. There's a third duck that's a female named Caramel. Her name matches her color.

I've been fascinated to watch these ducks as they get used to their new surroundings. She made a pen for them to run around and feel free. They seem happy.

There's quite a bit I could tell you about these ducks. Caramel is kind of an odd duck. I joke that somebody must have dropped her on her head. She moves around in an awkward way and quacks a lot.

However, the duck I'm talking about here is Puddles. He loves the little wading pool that she got for him. He loves to just sit in there and enjoy himself.

When she cleans the pool, because the ducks do make a mess of it very quickly, he can hardly wait until it's filled back up to jump in again.

He lets the other ducks know whose pool it is. I seldom see the other ducks in the pool by themselves. Sometimes Daisy is in there with him, but Caramel doesn't seem to get in there very much.

Basically, Puddles has become king of the pool, and he lets the other ones know it. I'd like to find a bigger pool of the same style. Maybe then the other ducks could enjoy themselves as much as he does.

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MegL wrote on August 28, 2021, 10:00 AM

You're probably right that the other ducks need a pool of their own - he can't hog two of them at the same time! Interesting to see how they change their behaviour once they find a home they are happy with. That was kind of your friend to rescue them.