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Happy 2021 ? Well that will all DEPEND !

I went to the pharmacy and inquired as to when they thought the vaccines would be made available to the general public and the pharmacy manager said, we might get an update at the end of January.

So far three pharmaceutical companies have distributed their vaccines, the first being Pfizer, the second, Moderna, and the third, Astra Zneka. I may have spelled that wrong. The vaccine the UK is getting is a good one. Here is a link to a video from Dr. John Campbell about the vaccine in one of his most recent YouTube video uploads. (196) Morning Interview, Excellent vaccine news - YouTube

I am hopeful this is the game changer that will make us all safe from the potential spread of the COVId-19 virus on a world wide scale.

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MegL wrote on January 3, 2021, 7:08 AM

Hi lookatdesktop , I hope you find your vaccine soon. Personally, I won't be taking it. I feel it is too rushed and has not been thoroughly tested. I have had plenty of vaccines in my life but all the rest had been available for a long time and had been tested. My sister in law has Covid at present, she is vulnerable because she had pneumonia as a young child. She is 76. She is at home and resting. While she is very tired and has a cough, she doesn't need to be hospitalised She thinks that the flu and pneumonia vaccines she got back in the autumn have provided some protection for her. She would also have had the BCG vaccine (against TB) many years ago and apparently that also provides some protection. Vitamin D and sunshine can also help provide protection.