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We're All in This together

In light of the craziness going on with Black Lives Matter, some people are afraid to even speak their minds for fear of being canceled. You can be called a racist simply for saying all lives matter. All lives actually do matter, in case people were wondering. That includes the unborn.

I personally believe that police officers sometimes go a little overboard and tend to get away with it. Though it happens with black people, there are lots of cases of it happening with white people and people of other nationalities. This is not unique to the black community.

I have sympathy for George Floyd's family and for the family of the gentleman who simply fell asleep in the drive thru and saw the police escalate the situation to a point where he reacted badly and lost his life.

I think there is sympathy to go around in this country for legitimate grievances. Where the BLM movement loses sympathy is with rioting, looting and flat-out beating people simply for the color of their skin. There's plenty of evidence of these things happening without me going into details.

If people can't see what's really going on in the world, they just don't understand. The powers-that-be will always seek to divide us, because we are easier to control if we break off into our own little groups.

There's a reason we see these images of violence that seem to be driven by race. People will get tribal. If enough images circulate of white people being pulled out of their cars and beaten by black people, what do you think will be the response? Is that what we want in this country?

I don't give a damn whose lives matter here. If saying all lives matter is going to be deemed racist, which is BS, then let me put it another way. We're all in this together. United we stand, divided we fall.

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lookatdesktop wrote on July 2, 2020, 12:08 AM

Exactly !

MegL wrote on July 2, 2020, 3:22 AM

Yes, united we stand. Having people fall out is divisionary. ALL people black, white or polka dot, should be treated with respect, not based on the color of their skin. Yes, Black lives matter, yes, all lives matter.