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Haven't been here much

I haven't been on Persona Paper much in the last little while. Things are quite busy. My kids are still young so they do keep me busy.

My husband has now officially part time hours at his company, rather than just being on call. We're definitely happy that this happened. He's been waiting for this for quite some time. It's been a good three years.

We also now have a husky. She's almost five months old. She's gotten big since we've gotten her. She is also keeping us busy, but she's settling in quite well. My kids love having her.

Otherwise not much going on. My husband is able to work, my kids are home for the moment, and I am trying to do what I can to earn a little bit.

I hope everyone is doing well.

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MegL wrote on May 4, 2020, 10:43 AM

A dog certainly requires attention. I am glad your children like her.

stbrians wrote on June 6, 2020, 3:11 AM

We are doing well despite the civid19 pandemic. The world needs prayers

quickchai wrote on June 22, 2020, 3:37 AM

Yeah, me too. I actually was inactive for 5 years, I'm glad I got to recover my account still though. I'm looking forward to interacting more here and perhaps make some new friends.

HappyLady wrote on July 19, 2020, 1:40 AM

I have not been here much either. This morning I searched for something else and Persona Paper came up as the search had a term in an article I once posted here. It is good to catch up though and husky can be such fun. Have you seen the videos of Sherpa and Key'ush on youtube. Filming your husky and posting its antics on youtube seems to be quite a thing. Nice to hear from you.

frankie2015 wrote on July 20, 2020, 8:20 AM

Good morning. Just like you I have not been active here on Persona Paper for a long time now. I have been more active on Virily but now I found out I have a huge cataract in my left eye requiring surgery which will have to wait because f COVID 19 of course. My vision is decreased and I am even having problem writing these few words here. Keep well, stay safe and have fun with your family and your new friend the husky. (By the way what is the name of the young husky you have now?)

allen0187 wrote on September 4, 2020, 10:02 AM

Been awhile since I have been here as well.

Nice to be back.

HappyLady wrote on December 25, 2020, 1:13 AM

Good to catch up and see you are doing well. I love huskies and cannot resist following Sherpa and Keyush on YouTube. Let us know if your husky learns to open boxes from Amazon!

cheri wrote on April 2, 2021, 11:06 AM

I have not been here for quite too long but I do visit from time to time. I am sure to be bcak!