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Isolation day 2

Day 2 of isolation and I am bored to tears already. Thank god I have a work friend who is also in isolation who I can call (neither of us are particularly sick).

Although I work from home most of the time anyway, I do visits in the morning then the paperwork in the afternoon. There is very little of my job that I can do without visiting people and that little part is actually very repetitive and frankly boring if you are doing it repeatedly.

Worse bit is that I want to be out helping people, I'm a nurse it's what I do. I have a huge car and a cash and carry card, I could get supplies for people but of course I am stuck in the house bored to tears. I need to come up with some creative non house leaving things to do for the next 12 days.

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MegL wrote on March 17, 2020, 5:54 PM

I fall into the "old" category, though I don't feel it and have not been self isolating. Not much point when we have a young granddaughter living with us, still at school. My daughter and her husband and 3 kids are stuck out in Spain. The airline has "unbooked" their flights and wants them to pay an extra £1,000 to fly home on the same day they had tickets for! Sounds criminal to me. They are not sick, they are staying on a farm in the hills and lovely empty countryside around. I told her to stay there! She is probably bored with no computer, only a phone but she would have to go into quarantine anyway if she got home. And it's cold and raining here. There would be no problem with them staying there either. I can create books on the computer. Could you write articles? Being a nurse you could write authoritative ones on self isolating, avoiding infection, etc. How are the rabbits?

VinceSummers wrote on March 17, 2020, 9:47 PM

Examine the known history of viruses. When in Rome, do as the Romans do...

melody23 wrote on March 19, 2020, 2:53 PM

The airlines are being ridiculous! I'm isolated due to having 'symptoms' (a slight cough, I feel fine) technically I should be in protective isolation anyway but will not be doing that once my 14 days are up. I am isolated now to protect others, I have no desire to protect myself from what I will inevitably catch anyway. I have been around a lot worse in my nursing career, you just learn not to be scared of these things after a while.

I would be bored with no computer but a farm in the hills in spain sounds lovely!

The rabbits are great, think they are a bit ticked off because my working from home all day disturbs their mid-morning nap but otherwise they are good, assuming we can continue to source their food as stocks of just about everything are very low.

I really should start writing more, I used to really enjoy it, it was another thing that went out of the window when I became a nurse.

melody23 wrote on March 19, 2020, 2:54 PM

If everyone would just stop panic buying everything it would be fine!

MegL wrote on March 19, 2020, 3:09 PM

Yes, I wonder where they store it all and fear there will be a LOT of waste!

VinceSummers wrote on March 19, 2020, 4:02 PM

The funny thing here is, in Nelson County, Virginia, when there is only a little bad weather expected, rough-tough men with 3-day beards come in to the stores and buy, not beer and cigarettes, but milk bread.