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My phone BROKE-up with me (Corny Topic)

I don’t believe in coincidence, for me and to some other persons, everything happens for a reason.
Years ago, I won an expensive phone (on that time) from a raffle draw. And because it’s too expensive that is equivalent to 2 months of my salary, I take good care of it. I put case on it and I’m careful when I’m using it.
But we know that phones are the most abused thing in the world, we used it almost half of our day. From morning when you wake-up, in the office/school and when you’re home while eating dinner, watching TV, taking a poop, and into the bed ‘til we fell asleep. The chances that our phone will be in danger are high (lol).
So now, I realized my phone was gonna breakup with me. It was last week when I came home from work-out, I get undressed to take a shower, then I laundry my clothes, set the timer and relax on the couch. A few minutes later when I’m going to check my social medias, I went for my bag to get my phone but it wasn’t there. I forgot that it was in my pocket and now it was washed with my clothes in the laundry. Luckily it was still functioning but has some visible stuck water on screen. Then the other day while riding bus for home it was heavily dropped because the bus suddenly brakes. Luckily it has minor scratches. And then for the last time, yesterday it was dropped from the top of the fridge with the screen facing the floor.
Man, I feel my phone really wanted to retire. I take good care of it for 4 years then all of a sudden all of that happen. Maybe it’s about time to change phone now and I’ve been thinking about it to get some good camera-phone since New Year. And so I think this is not coincidence, my phone BROKE-up with me for a reason. My phone knew my thoughts. lol

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MegL wrote on February 28, 2020, 2:05 AM

Ha Ha! I think your thoughts were on getting a new phone and how to have an excuse to replace the old one! LOL

VinceSummers wrote on March 4, 2020, 7:43 AM

Ah. Once I bought a $300 brand new pair of glasses, my first titanium pair, good looking, even on me. Well I was told to clean a sand filter at the sewer plant. The glasses fell of my face, bounced on the ground, and went through a grating down DEEP into the filter, gone for good. But I am glad to say I viewed it as a blunder on my part, though they took the weirdest bounce to pass through that grating! Now I know you were probably just kidding about coincidence. Consider an example: One fellow wrote to an email list I once belonged to, to say something kept him from getting on a plane that crashed. God must have had more in mind for him. NO! I told him NO! What he failed to realize was, he was saying God didn't care about all the others who died on that plane. Still, three or four mishaps with the phone is rather weird, to say the least...