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Review Of Ronnie and the Pursuit of the Elusive Bliss

This is a Made For Youtube Video

This is a comedy film that can be seen at It is written by an aspiring screenwriter and produced and acted by a husband and wife and family team. It's about 22 minutes long.


A couple's grown up son is coming home for a stay and before he arrives, the wife warns the husband NOT TO TALK POLITICS. The son and husband are on opposite sides of the political spectrum and she has obviously had experience of their political discussions previously!

It's not giving away the plot to let you know that of course, they DO end up discussing politics vociferously and in a very funny way (for the viewer). The mother is totally freaked out by this and looks like she is having a nervous breakdown. I am not telling you the plot ending, so it doesn't spoil the end for you.


The film as a whole is funny. Most families will be able to relate to grown up kids coming home, with great anticipation on all sides until the inevitable "discussion" rolls around. It may be politics, it may be something else but both sides are passionate about their beliefs, even though they love each other as family. The husband and son have a bit of slapstick comedy about them. The mother is always calm and prefers the quiet life but doesn't seem to get much of it.


I love the ending. You have to see it to enjoy it.


I don't like the beginning. It is too long and seems to be used purely to get the credits up on screen. In my opinion (as a person who seldom watches any films but loves reading) the beginning does not add in any way to the film. I think it could probably start at the 2 minutes 30 or so point, without losing anything that is necessary.


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