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How to paddle your own canoe

I just wanna promote my articles in Hubpages entitled "Paddle Your Own Canoe". Originally, I encountered this phrase from my father. I just remembered this simple but complicated phrase since I was young. I do not know how to interpret this. No idea then, what is the meaning of this phrase. No idea, how can I paddle my own canoe if we are in the middle of the city.

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Thanks for taking time to visit that article. Looking forward that I gave you a productive inspirational parenting message that my father tried to digest to his kids. Until now, even if I do not know how to paddle my own canoe, I am still trying to do the paddle.

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VinceSummers wrote on November 2, 2019, 8:48 AM

It sounds to me like live your own life, mind your own business, don't let others or expect others to make your decisions for you.

MegL wrote on November 2, 2019, 6:56 PM

If you look up "paddle your own canoe" in the online dictionaries, it talks about being "independent". I am assuming that canoes seat more than one person and some people do not paddle, so must go where the paddler takes them. If you are the paddler, you decide where to go, so you are being independent. Now that you have a family and your own place and support them, you are independent of your parents and thus paddling your own canoe. This is a good list of articles to start - English phrases for non-native speakers. Have you heard of one called "Up the creek without a paddle"? This means to be in trouble without any way of getting out of trouble. A creek is a kind of river, so again you would be in a canoe but without a paddle you cannot move anywhere, so you would be on a river, in a canoe and no way of getting off the river. Another phrase might be "Don't rock the boat". This means, "do not make trouble". Another phrase might be to "push the boat out", which means to spend lavishly, maybe overspend.
It is always IMPORTANT to add pictures to Hubpage articles. You can get free ones from pixabay. There are a number of free to use pictures of canoes on Pixabay that would fit well with "paddle your own canoe".
If you create a list of related articles, like with the canoes and boats and also useful phrases to learn for non native speakers, you can link from one to another which is also good for getting visits.