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How to help the PersonaPaper grow?

Hi. I am not writing this because I wanted to earn that much. Is a sort of that I wanted to express my feelings in when I joined here few years ago, I just received a payment twice. I earned a total of $40 that time, and after receiving my last $20, I do not know exactly what really happened. In an instant, the PersonaPaper stopped paying all the writers here. So, the impact was, the drastic change affects the writers. And the writers are slowly ejecting from PersonaPaper. And I am one those writers who stopped writing. Although there were some months that I am continuously writing even if I am aware that there is no payment anymore. Although, as far as I am checking the "Your Bank", it keeps on increasing. MegL already mentioned that there is no payment to receive anymore even I will reach the $20 goal because there is no ads coming in. Since the ads is the only tool to make this PersonaPaper will pay us soon. My only question is based on my title, how to help the PersonaPaper grow?

Thank you and looking forward with a positive response.

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MegL wrote on October 31, 2019, 4:08 AM

Personapaper lost its adsense account and that is why it stopped paying. As far as I understand, (I was not running it at the time) this was because Google decided that there were illegal clicks on adverts, that is, people were clicking the adverts even though they had no interest in them. When Google makes that decision, it is very unlikely they will change their mind, no matter how unfair it might seem: they assume that the clicks are being made to boost income and their advertisers complain about paying for adverts that do not bring in income to their products. They have been taken to court over it in previous times, according to one person who was caught up in one of their shutdowns. Since then, Google, in its wisdom has also decided not to promote mixed article sites (sites with articles on lots of subjects) which Personapaper is. While there are other advertising agencies besides Google, the number of visits made to this site is too low to attract other advertisers. If Personapaper is to grow it needs (a) long articles on a few subjects that people want to know about and (b) lots of visitors to those articles.
Most articles on Personapaper are short and many are of the "I had porridge for breakfast" type, which is not what people are searching for in the search engines, so Google is not interested.
If Personapaper were to become very popular, it would be worth paying for a coder to update the site to add advertisements back in. At present, there does not seem to be any likelihood of that. Most of the writers who were sad at Personapaper stopping paying have not come back to write on the site and as their aim is to earn money from their writing, I cannot blame them. There are just a few writers on here now and they know that no payment will be made. If I were to try and push Personapaper and had loads of money to do it, I would probably go the Hubpages route. That is, have a central website, such as Personapaper for people to write on but then move all the BEST articles on the same subject (like health or recipes) onto a different domain name, eg health.personapaper and recipes.personapaper. The best articles would earn money on the linked domains and all writers would be welcome to write on the main site, whether "porridge for breakfast" or not.
This seems unlikely. If you want to earn money from your writing, I would advise finding a site that currently pays and then write good articles on subjects that people are searching for in the search engines. In your case, it might be articles on the Philippines. The biggest searches in this area are for Philippines news and Manila Philippines. Those sound like tourist queries, so you might want to look at articles you could write on tourist things in the Philippines. Don't do the "big" tourist attractions, they will already be covered: think about events and small attractions that might be not as well known and use titles like "secret destinations in the Philippines" or other titles that make people wonder or want to know about something, like "Best Philippines destinations that tourists never see"

luisga814 wrote on October 31, 2019, 9:02 AM

Wow, I do appreciate your immediate and understanding explanation about it. My suggestion, in order to avoid short articles, why not reinstate into at least 1000 words and not 500 characters? My other concern, "Hubspages", is this a paying site even if I am from the Philippines? Thanks for replying me back.

MegL wrote on October 31, 2019, 9:32 AM

Hubpages is a paying site.
I am not able to change the coding of the site and it would not be worth it to pay someone to do this.

luisga814 wrote on November 1, 2019, 7:28 AM

Does anyone in the environment, knows how to change the coding so that sooner or later, we can invite the Google Adsense once more?

MegL wrote on November 1, 2019, 5:54 PM

I have access to where it is stored but I do not know PHP. This site was written by an expert coder. It would cost a lot to get it looked at and changed. It is not making money at present and from the number of visits to this site, it will not do so in the near future. The best way to help the site would be to write authoritative articles on subjects people are looking for and then send traffic to them.

melody23 wrote on November 2, 2019, 6:14 AM

The problem is there is no money in content writing anymore because google no longer values it, thanks in large part to another website most of us were members of at one time or other. When I first started writing online it was almost too easy, write something, put a link on twitter and as if by magic you would get a tonne of views. Problem was most of these views were bots and not real people, this caused the first major change to how google paid for 'genuine views' and they did a lot of work on software that worked out what views were real and which ones weren't. The money reduced greatly and people started looking for ways to increase their output rather than their quality and started writing rubbish on websites about what they had for breakfast, there is no real value in that content so google doesn't like it very much but at the time would still pay for it so people would churn out tonnes of these 'articles' so they had more of them online, more pages = more page views and they had their income back. Google then cracked down on what its definition of 'valuable content' was and that was the end really. Even Hubpages which has been the biggest site out there for years has had to change the way they do business and a lot of sites like ladbible sell advertising themselves and use clickbait tactics to get views. A site like this could generate money but it would not be a lot and these days everyone is looking to get rich quick so they lose interest. It would also cost a lot to get it up to the point that it was generating income, there would need to be advertising for the site, facebook campaigns and all the rest of the stuff people now do to drive traffic. People would also need to write articles that are SEO friendly and on topics people wanted to read then drive traffic to those articles, people aren't willing to do that unless they are getting rich which they wont do. If we want to come here and write what we like, it is unlikely to ever be able to pay. I like it here, I don't write often these days but I stop by often and comment where I can.