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Computer 101: A - Z (Letter F)


Need an assistance, regarding PC parts and software, here's your number one stop in learning computer very easy and basic just like learning A B C.

Internet Category
The number one social networking site in the world. It is unrivaled compared to friendster, my space, and the likes. With it's uniqueness of facebook in its design and style, facebook can employ applications and games compared to other social networking sites which has non. Another unique feauture of facebook, it has Timeline that can browse your previous post , well known internet games , picture sharing, site sharing, it has pages and groups, share and like features and many more. Currently according to facebook it has now 1.11 billion users. Facebook is popular among different age groups, teens, children, parents and even grandparents.

Hardware Category
Flashdrives also known as , USB, thumb drive, mass storage is a temporary storage solution for the PC users who like saving documents, store music and images/photos. Because of it's speed while saving certain stuff from the PC to external storage , it is called Flashdrive, because of its fast saving ability , but sometimes it's not. Became popular on year 2000s when USB 2.0 format was introduce because of it's speed in saving files. Another function of flashdrives, it is universal it can save movies from the computer and can play on other PC or Television. Also flashdrives are use to install OS to PCs. First released of Flashdrives have a storage capacity of megabytes to gigabyte, but currently KINGSTON has successfully manageto create a powerful flashdrive that can store "One terabyte" of data information.

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