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Me, My CPAP, and the Electricity Last Night Telling on Myself

OK. Maybe the following anecdotal material will never be a best-seller. Maybe it will even put you to sleep...

Last night, I was downing a copy of Diagnosis Murder onto my PC. There, done! No sooner had it completed, I think within a second, perhaps two, I was totally immersed in darkness. I mean, not even the LED on a Smoke Detector was lit, since we'd taken them down to put in new ones.

Now I hate it that Summer Storms always hit at night. We always lose power at night. I use a CPAP AT NIGHT! And I come near to panic when I lose power at night. I breathe that poorly on my own.

Now we all expect to lose power at least on rare occasion, right? Well this was either the fourth or the fifth time this month. What a rotten month this July has been for us.

The funny thing is the power didn't go out during the storm, NO. Oh, no. It went out hours later. So typical.

Fortunately my son and wife came in with flashlights so I could ready myself for bed. I do have a power backup for the CPAP, but it's not functioning up to par anymore. So I turned on the bathroom light switch so when power was restored, I'd know it. I also had the fan on medium so when power came back, I'd cool down a bit in anticipation of the air-conditioner getting things cooled down.

Well, I went to bed, hoping I would sleep, and I had the best/weirdest dreams. I dreamt I was overseas in all kinds of countries, having adventures/mis-adventures! I woke up repeatedly as I always do. No light. Went back to sleep, I was reunited with my entire family. More adventures/misadventures, and I kept messing up, causing problems. Up. No light. Hm. It seemed breezy enough, but I have developing cataracts and, as I said, no light.

Finally, it's time to get up. I turn off the auxiliary power source for the CPAP. But the CPAP didn't shut off. Could it be we had power? No light. So I hit the switch. LIGHT! POWER. "How sweet it is..."

I get on the computer and my wife comes in with coffee.

"When did the power come back?"

My wife began laughing at me. "One hour after we lost it." Michael [our son] snuck in and saw you sleeping facing the bathroom light. He clicked it off. Did you want it left on?"

I gave her my one-eye look. That's something like the "Well, Duh" look, and just smiled. I had dream travel stories to tell her.

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MegL wrote on August 1, 2019, 1:03 PM

It's surprising you didn't wake up when the bathroom light came on! We have emergency torches. I get them from Amazon . They are left plugged into the wall on charge but when the electricity goes off, they automatically turn on. I originally got one for my granddaughter who does not like the dark at all. Then found having a ready-charged torch that you always knew where it was, was very handy. Now I have 3, all plugged in, ready for use as torches or if the electricity goes off.

Last Edited: August 1, 2019, 1:04 PM