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Plots I Love in Movies and TV

Almost everyone has watched TV and movies. Most of us have a favorite genre or genres. A plot or plots. Some of my favorites are:

1. An eccentric man in a wheelchair has a huge mysterious mansion with all sorts of secret passages and possibly booby traps. The invitees are done away with, one at a time. And the goal is to stop the man or some guest responsible for the calamity.

2. A doctor finds out his patient is suffering from some horrible, nearly always fatal plague. He doesn't know how it started or what the contacts may be, but he has to stop it from endangering the entire city and more!

3. A group of persons are hunting for a hidden treasure of incredible value. Will they find it? What will happen along the way?

4. Some mythical civilization, such as Atlantis, El Dorado, or some other, is possibly within grasp! If found, what secrets will it reveal?

5. Travel to space, the inner regions of Earth, or some place in time will take you who knows where? And who knows what will face you?

Do you, the reader, have favorites as well? And if you know of movies such as the above (or television shows), can you let me know? Even if it is only a title...


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MegL wrote on July 29, 2019, 3:30 PM

1. I have never seen a film with a man in a wheelchair doing away with guests, though I have read an (Ellery Peters?) detective story with that as the plot. I used to enjoy watching Perry Mason, the lawyer in a wheelchair.
2. I read a book called "Coma" by Robin Cook, an American physician, in which a surgeon was deliberately cutting off oxygen to surgical patients so they would go into a coma, be kept alive and could have their organs harvested. This was a detective story and had an exciting ending. I think it may have been made into a film. The same author wrote a book about a baby that could communicate with computers and I think, one about a little girl suffering from cancer and her father's desperate fight to save her.
3. Sounds like raiders of the lost ark or several of the old children's series.
4. I think there are a number of these, at least as books. Jules Verne's 20,000 leagues under the sea includes a visit to Atlantis and that may have been made into a film.
5. This is probably my favorite reading genre, though i read very little of these types of book these days. H G Wells' book "The War Of The Worlds" is a famous example.I used to love reading any science fiction / science fantasy book I could, especially Isaac Asimov and the robot books.

Sorry i can't give you miniseries for these but maybe there are some out there.
You may find this an interesting article:

VinceSummers wrote on July 29, 2019, 3:37 PM

Ellery Queen.
I'm a fan of Jules Verne. Funny thing with Journey to the Center of the Earth. No "girls". Men. No romance interest. Today's audiences would give that a thumbs down.

MegL wrote on July 30, 2019, 2:04 AM

And yet many of the old books were like that, "Coral island" for instance (R M Ballantyne) and even more modern ones like "Lord of the Flies". I enjoyed both of those. Romance is not just modern, though, after all Shakespeare included romance too and Greek plays and stories also included Romance.
Ah, yes, Ellery Queen - thanks.