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Approaching the End of the Christmas Season

We are approaching the end of the current Christmas season, and whether or not you are just starting to shop for presents or gathering a few odds and ends that were forgotten there is no need to panic. Christmas is not about the gifts except one the gift of LOVE. We must all remember this one word along with JOY, CHARITY, FAITH, and HOPE. Christmas is the time that no one should be made to feel alone. Although it seems that is what happens. Did you ever sit in a room full of people talking and saying Merry Christmas to everyone and they just skip over you and do not even notice that you are present till maybe it is time to leave, and maybe say Goodbye. I try to remember other times but that really does not work. It seems that the only people that do talk to me are the very young ones say from two year old kids to one new teenager that I cared for since he was two years old. I do not know what I did or doing that no one really wants to do this, but for some reason some always asks to do something or for money. The adult children that I used to care for seem to look past me now. To me I mainly think now 'Oh well, guess that life'.

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MegL wrote on December 17, 2022, 3:17 PM

That is a pity. Ingratitude seems to be endemic these days.

markgraham wrote on December 17, 2022, 4:08 PM

Agreed, but what can one do when no one really sees nor hears. They only see and hear what they want.