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Red New Potatoes, with French cut green beans and pork chops is my idea of a good meal

I LOVE FOOD and food loves me it stays around for E TURN A TEA.

Today we went shopping and I bought organic red new potatoes and my wife suggested we cook them in olive oil and sea salt and have them with pork chops or steak of some type and shredded French style green beans for a meal sometime later on in the week.

I enjoy new potatoes. The skin can remain on them and they are very tender when done. The salt and olive oil make them taste quite good.

So, I bought some tomatoes on the vine and they went well with today's lunch which included bacon, Iceberg lettuce, mayonnaise and salt and pepper on oat nut bread. I ruined it by having the toast pan fried using Smart Balance margarine instead of butter, but we are both trying to cut back on saturated fat. Well I had been using Smart Balance for the past 3 days since my wife was told she had too high an LDL (low density lipid protein level) and a low HDL (high density lipid protein) and borderline pre-diabetic glucose level. I find this to be serious and will make sure that both she and I will change our ways. I even feel bad about having a coffee today from Starbucks because she told me I could eventually develop d-fib aka a form of irregular heart rhythm.

At her age, she is at high risk for a stroke due to blood clots and has been placed on blood thinners and I myself at age 61 realize since type 2 diabetes runs in my family on my father's side, I can best benefit by watching what I take in in the form of sugar, fat and cholesterol.

I have had problems with frequent heartburn but know that taking Calcium Carbonate in the form of Tums tablets only temporarily holds down the level of stomach acids an then acid-rebound takes place so to watch not only sugar, salt, fat and refined wheat flour products, I must eat less spicy foods and less stimulants in the form of caffeine. To put it simply: I need to cut back on anything that raises blood lipid levels and eat bland food so my acid rebound stops and I can stop taking antacid pills as well. But it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks as they say. :)

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VinceSummers wrote on December 3, 2018, 9:33 PM

You're only 61? I'm 70. Past the expectancy of my father's family tree. I pretty much eat what I want. Not quite as "high on the hog" as formerly. I like to cook with butter or olive oil, sometimes the latter with just a bit of butter for flavor. I don't bother with sea salt, though I do like the coarser grind. If I had my druthers, I would like to try fresh sage, thyme, etc., rather than dried.

I like a chop once in a while, but medium rare steak of a tender sort beats it out for me. Ever tried beet greens? Delectable, much better than spinach. But I don't recommend raw. Quality lamb is cool, but it is nearly prohibitive for me, so it is rare I indulge, and then only a cheaper cut. Cholesterol, no worry. And I'm not sure one size fits all when it comes to cholesterol, anyway. My main problem is I'm too fat and never exercise.

MegL wrote on December 4, 2018, 1:43 AM

That sounds like a very tasty and healthy tea. If your wife is serious about reducing the risk for type 2 diabetes, try the 800 calorie BSD diet. It was developed by doctors working in Newcastle University, England, UK. It was specifically developed for reducing diabetes risk levels and works. It is so good that trials are being done with large numbers of people for an 8 week 800 calorie liquid diet, working with their own doctors. You can also lose 10%of your body weight in that 8 weeks. Saturated fat does NOT increase cholesterol. That's an old idea but doctors haven't caught on to. The 8 week diet is not easy but it works.

simplylady wrote on December 18, 2018, 3:47 PM

hi everyone..I love food and my husband does too. We eat fatty foods one problem is my cholesterol is great his is high we asked the doctor why his is high mine is not...The doctor said it genetics. his mom had high cholesterol and heart I am trying to change our diet. he loves cakes.Trying to stay away from prepackaging food it is hard