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Addressing An Issue

Hey everyone,

Earlier tonight, I came across a man who was bragging about using his check to score .

It quite frankly sickened me.

There are people who genuinely NEED because they cannot support themselves (due to debilitating illness & such)

and people who ABUSE assistance programs (like the druggie I mentioned) are taking $ out of the pockets of those people.

Furthermore, the abusers give the rest of people on assistance a bad name, because people mistakenly believe anyone on assistance is like that.

Nobody who really NEEDS assistance would be BRAGGING about being on the assistance and abusing it, the truly in need are THANKFUL for the help.

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MegL wrote on October 2, 2018, 5:40 AM

Yes, there are always those who piggy back on others in some way or another and that has always been the way. There are also those who, as you rightly say, really need help and they should not be lumped in with those selfish others.