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Busy as usual

You all know me well enough to know how much I like to keep busy, but I am struggling these days.

A few months ago I managed to displace my pelvis whilst at work, leading to three months off work which was far from idea, although thank god I have full sick pay for that time period. It gave me loads of time to work on my business and decide what it is I really want.

I went back on a phased return over four weeks then went on holiday. when I returned from holiday I was just dumped back on my normal shifts like nothing had happened. my first week back full time, I was on four nights in a row then on to three days, then four more nights, one day off and three straight days. I think they are trying to kill me.

I am in so much pain. I expect to be in a bit of pain at the end of a twelve hour shift but I am now in pain constantly again because I am not getting any rest. I have brought it up to the boss who apparently cant accommodate me but they can accommodate everyone with their childcare issues! Does my head in that, don't do shift work if you cant do shift work, if you cant get a baby sitter on certain days then don't work a job that requires you to work on those days but no instead its ok for people like me to genuinely suffer so other people don't need to pay childcare!

My hidradenitis suppurativa is also really acting up again which is incredibly painful and unpleasant (google it if you are brave and not squeamish). The knock on effect on my health is I have had a cold for five weeks because I am just so run down now.

So I have come to the decision that I need to get out of there. I have applied for a job that will mean working more 9-5 and I have been short listed for it. Even though its a pay band above where I currently am, I will lose my nightshift allowance so will still lose a little money but better than losing my health.

So to compensate for that I am going to take my business up a level. I have streamlined things, left a company and concentrate on just doing FM World because that is where I make the most money. Its been amazing, I am doing so much better now since defining exactly what it is I want to do and making way more sales.

I have built another website - - I am getting quite good at this web design thing now! And drove all the way to Carlisle yesterday to attend training and get a certificate for reaching a promotion. Now I am back on nightshift tomorrow but I need to wait around after it because I have a dermatology appointment at 9am Tuesday which is far from ideal then nights again Tuesday and Wednesday before finally getting my first decent break for weeks, I have four whole days off! Although of course one of them isn't actually a day off since I will be working midnight till 8am and obviously sleeping for a good part of that day.

I think for the sake of my health, I need to try to slow down a bit at least physically. I can work on the computer all day every day and it wont matter much to me, in fact it will probably suit me better, but I cant handle the physical side of my job anymore I am just in too much pain.

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MegL wrote on September 30, 2018, 2:44 PM

That's an awful shame because you loved nursing when you were doing your degree. The NHS is losing so many nurses. Could you do bank work? (Ie on call?) That's a beautiful picture on your business page.

VinceSummers wrote on September 30, 2018, 8:26 PM

Sorry you're hurting...

melody23 wrote on October 4, 2018, 12:30 PM

The NHS has changed so much just in the short time I have been qualified, it is not a nice place to work anymore. I have managed to secure an occupational health referral from work which will hopefully result in them forcing work to split my shifts up a bit and give me some half decent rest. I love nursing, but what I do really isn't nursing anymore for the most part its all tick box charts and bed management. I don't get to wash patients, don't get time to talk to them etc. Going bank is really attractive and is what most nurses are doing these days, but you don't get sick pay and with my poor health of late I don't think that is a chance I should take

melody23 wrote on October 4, 2018, 12:30 PM

Thank you Vince, I am getting a bit better, just more slowly than I would like I guess.