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One Spam/Scam Email Introduction

One of the easiest forms of spam/scam to recognize is an email that begins...

"From the Desk of..."

Simply delete.

This form of English is employed by spammers from smaller English-speaking countries famous for their effort to ensnare those desirous of obtaining "something for nothing".

That's right. They appeal to you hoping that greed coupled with simple-mindedness will drag you down and into their trap.

Who knows? Maybe some of them think you're fair game if you manifest those characteristics.

Just one more thing...

Don't play games with these people. Don't reply to their email with the intent of making fun of their attempt.

That's just another way to give them a shot at you.

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lookatdesktop wrote on September 18, 2018, 12:15 PM

Good advice, Vincent. :)