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Squirrel activity spotted as cooler weather comes to Dallas, Texas in September of 2018

Nature still exists , in this corner of the planet, in spite of news to the contrary. Wildlife exists as well.

In this month of September, I do remember, the days of fall as the grass and weeds grow tall.

The millions of Pin Oak acorns are all over the back yard, again! And the squirrels, the little locals, are at it again. They are not only eating them but they are trying to start a new forest in our back yard. I have uprooted several baby Pin Oak trees. I even have transplanted one in a location until it reaches another year of growth before deciding if there is room enough for it to actually grow to full maturity. Another few are in small pots, and I will try to give them away to the local nursery if they will accept them. The City of Dallas has planted several little trees along part of the median in front of our block, at least so far two have been spotted and hopefully a tree snatcher will NOT dig them up!

The two squirrels that have been seen recently, eating and digging up and even planting acorns in our back yard and front yard, have possibly been living all summer long, in the hollows of one of two trees nearby. The large squirrel nest up in the Hack Berry tree in the back alley is evidence they are around. The neighbor's garage has been chewed away at by the local squirrly chompers. I should designate this area a wild life sanctuary for the local squirrels. I was looking out the kitchen window this morning and both squirrels temporarily stopped digging and took a look back at me through the window blinds and both of them ran up into the Pin Oak tree and headed off into the wild blue yonder, actually up onto the power line in our alley. They often walk along those wires like they were walking on air.

If there is anything positive to be said about squirrels in Oak Cliff, where Oak trees are in abundance, Red Oak, Pin Oak, Live Oak and many more, they do not care if the tree is an Oak or a Hack Berry and probably would like to be gnawing right now on pears and the berry trees that grow berries that look a lot like and taste to me a lot like blackberries. I think, they make jam and jelly and preserves out of them but for some reason I just can't remember the name of that tree with the blackberry-like berries on them. Hmm. I need more Ginko Baloba maybe.

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TheLambLiesDown wrote on September 13, 2018, 4:01 PM

I just went through password hell trying to remember my log-in details. lol

Mulberries are the tree you are thinking of, I have a few of them on my place.

And like an idiot I liked my comment at first instead of your's been too long, I've forgotten how to do stuff here

Last Edited: September 13, 2018, 4:02 PM

MegL wrote on September 13, 2018, 5:24 PM

I see that TheLambLiesDown beat me to it, with "mulberries".

Kasman wrote on September 13, 2018, 8:39 PM

Tree snatcher? I can only assume that some people are low enough to steal trees!

VinceSummers wrote on September 14, 2018, 4:46 PM

My friend once called squirrels TREE RATS.

Kasman wrote on September 14, 2018, 5:44 PM

Which is precisely what they are but they look cute and cuddly so some people treat them as though they aren't the vermin they actually are - rats with a good press agent!

lookatdesktop wrote on September 15, 2018, 12:37 PM

Thanks. Continue writing. This site needs new blood.