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It looks like another day it might or might not rain again, so we will run err-ands even if the car won't start this morning.

The car is funny like that. It sometimes starts and sometimes doesn't. So its like hit and miss every time I turn the key in the ignition switch.

I put two VCRs out front in case someone coming along the road wants a freebee. But one eats tapes and the other has pieces falling out of it.

If it rains those VCRs will get wet, but I can't worry about that. The millions of cars zooming by - someone is bound to spot them, right?

If global climate change has anything to do with the rain today, so be it. We need rain.

I only hope we can run between the rain drops cause I don't like getting wet. I even hate showers.

It's Tuesday, September 4th twenty eighteen and I am hopeful I can get that Caddy started. Got to buy some milk, pick up some meds, pick up a few videos and make it back before another episode of black bear news. Toodles every body.

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MegL wrote on September 4, 2018, 1:00 PM

Any idea what the problem is? In the past, I have found two causes of this type of problem with a car. One is the starter motor. The other is the plugs but that's much less likely these days; I don't think cars have spark plugs any more? They may still have starter motors and the problem with those is that they are wound wire and part of it can go dead- burnt out. If the car stops on that bit, then next time you go to start it, it won't. They can be rewound but it's a skilled job. You can also get scrap ones from a scrap dealer.

lookatdesktop wrote on September 5, 2018, 1:50 PM

Thanks I will check out the starter motor. But I need to have a mechanic do it and save money to pay to have a mechanic check this out for me. I appreciate it.