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Stray dog? or someone's pet run astray?

Back yard saga by A.P.Davis


As I watered the trees and shrubs, with a slow stream of water from the backyard garden hose,

I had to deal with a dog. Not just any dog, but a local dog, on a leash, with a dog collar, but no ID tags.

I can't be the caregiver of stray dogs, but I did notice the dog sleeping in our back yard and later realized why.

His leash was caught in bush stumps that I failed to cut down to ground level. That dog was sleeping there because

that poor little dog had wandered into our backyard and got the leash stuck right at the edge of our carport patio.

The solution was simple.

After giving the dog half of my plate of breakfast hashbrown potatoes, bacon and toast, I provided it with fresh drinking water.

But I realized I could not take care of it. I knew that the reason it had wandered into our backyard was because

we have no locked back alley gate, and no front driveway fence. So, because of these facts, and the fact that a local resident

in our neighborhood owns it most likely and let it lose or it got lose on it's own. The poor doggy was able to walk away and find it's human master when I removed that cloth leash from it's collar.

If I could I would walk it around the block until the owner would shout - "HEY YOU. YOU STOLE MY DOG!" but no. the dog wandered away for a while. But as I later began to water more backyard plants and trees and shrubs to keep them alive in this hot dry weather in Dallas, TX I noticed that dog was back in the yard for a few more minutes, sniffing around one of the mulch piles.

But as luck would have it, the little black doggy left and hopefully, I really do hope, it went back to it's original home.

I had noticed, upon looking at that neglected little stray dog, it had lost lots of fur halfway down it's back. It might be that it had been lost for quite some time. I can only hope the dog has enough street smarts not to run into traffic. The survival rate of stray animals is limited to their instinct to STAY OUT OF THE STREET and thus avoid becoming another road kill statistic for City Animal Control to deal with.

I can only think of one other thing I could do, which might be, if I see that dog again this time tomorrow would be to connect the leash I removed and tie it to a fence and call the humane society. Or contact Next Door ,Dallas, TX, a local social community online that has many local members who reside in our immediate area. They are a community of locals who like to post their activities, including yard sales, missing pets, local crime watch events that merit police attention and ads to do repairs on homes and to buy and sell household items and services and notify local members of events going on and businesses activities and local restaurant openings and arts and crafts. In general the site is fun to become a member of to keep up with the local news in real time of my own local community of residents within the city of Dallas in the KP area. There are several groups, connected together under Next Door based on zip code and specified neighborhoods to keep people connected locally.

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MegL wrote on July 9, 2018, 3:36 PM

We have a couple of Facebook groups in the local area for people who like to post photographs, advertise events and let people know about lost or found animals.

lookatdesktop wrote on July 10, 2018, 8:18 AM

That is a good thing MegL :) I think most people love animals like I do. The main thing is, people should think twice before adopting. They can be a handful. Sometimes they behave just like people. Furry ones at that.

VinceSummers wrote on July 10, 2018, 6:35 PM

All our pets are former strays. Or, rather, former drop-offs, likely as not.

lookatdesktop wrote on July 10, 2018, 8:02 PM

Yep. Every dog and cat I ever took in as a pet was a stray with the exception of Pepper Dog, my mom and dad bought at the animal shelter for 50 bucks. Now I am wondering, just where that dog went yesterday. I got a message from a man who lives in the area via social media and he told me his dog matched my description and that his name was Gizmo. I think very likely Gizmo was that dog that paid us a visit a day ago. He was a mess though. Some people just don't take as good a care of their pets as I would hope they would.