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Taking, Not One, but Two Cats to the Vet

Well today was the big day. Yours truly was appointed by the "Little Lady" to take our two cats to the vet's office. Both needed rabies vaccination and I was to buy flea medication for one.

Well, the aforementioned person of the female persuasion is a worrier. She started wanting me to "hop to it" sometime before 9am, even though the appointment was not until 11am! After convincing her there was not quite that much of an urgency, I began readying the cats for the occasion.

I allowed more than 15 minutes to cage (separately, of course) the two cats. Well, guess what? They both pretty much walked in to their cages. Last time I watch that video on Simon's cat on YouTube! (Not really. It is cute.)

So I was destined to be really early. Now one cat is female and is 15. Tortoise. The other cat is large, male, and perhaps 6 or 8 years old. Blonde. The first cat is named Hermione. The second cat is Lord Buffington. Guess which one cried, no wailed, the loudest? In fact, Hermione didn't make so "much ado about nothing". Besides, everyone knows Royalty are the biggest babies...

Well when the vet started checking on Hermione, she proved true to her colors, despite being 15. I was S-C-A-R-E-D. That cat flashed her claws like a LION! And she twisted and turned so badly, the vet's assistant had to hold all four paws.

Well, I'm glad to be home again, needless to say. Even if I am $155.00 the lighter for it.

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MegL wrote on June 11, 2018, 2:22 PM

I am glad we do not have rabies in this country. All animals coming in must either be vaccinated or spend 6 months in quarantine. That's a big cost for the vet. We do not have any pets at present but our vet used to wrap the cat in a towel so she could not move or scratch and I used to do that if she had to get medicine.

VinceSummers wrote on June 11, 2018, 6:01 PM

Really! No rabies! That IS a marvel. I'm not sure if a towel would have done for our cat or not. This thing was FIERCE. I mean I was truly amazed. Apparently her breed is notorious.

lookatdesktop wrote on June 11, 2018, 11:20 PM

I really felt like I was right there in the moment. Glad your kitties are back home and you can put this all behind you. A very very nice post.

VinceSummers wrote on June 12, 2018, 7:54 AM

You've gone through this too, haven't you? And we always try to calm our cats down, don't we? All to absolutely no avail... WHICH WE KNEW before we even tried. Yet we tried. Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life!