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When a woman is pregnant , what is it that will be done during her first visit to the doctor?

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On the first visit, a urine test is usually done to confirm the pregnancy.

If her pregnancy is confirmed,her personal particulars will be noted.

She will also be asked about any medical problems that she , or any member of her family,may have.


The regularity of her menstrual periods and the date of the first day of her last menstrural period (LMP)

will be recorded as this is used to calculate the expected date of delivery(EDD).

this done by adding 280 DAYS to the LMP. It is an approximate date.

Her family physician will then perform a general physical examination and perhaps an

internal examination as well to assess the size of her uterus.

She will be weighed, blood pleasure checked and urine tested for the presence of protein and sugar.

A good sample is taken for checking her blood count , blood group , VDRL, and whether she have

immunity to common diseases such as Hepatitis B and Rubella.

She will also be given advice about diet and weight gain during pregnancy, given the schedule for antenatal

visit of pregnancy, delivery and the post natal period.

If she have any problems or questions at this stage , she should discuss with her family doctor.

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