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Why the big deal about making coffee? I guess it's because it's one drink I never get tired of.

It started a long time before I even bothered to grow up. When I was just a toddler.

Coffee was a thing that my mom and my dad had every morning. Along with a cigarette.

I didn't like the smell of burning cigarettes and the smoke got in my eyes and burned. But the aroma of hot coffee lingered in the air every morning when I woke up to the sound of the alarm clock of talking, breakfast on the stove, cooking and the smoke that filled the air.

I was so young, about 4 years of age, or maybe even younger, when I began with that vice of a cup of coffee every morning. I began drinking coffee at such an early age, I am surprised I didn't do damage to my health. I was already hyperactive. The caffeine made me even more hyper.

Today I think of coffee as one of those pleasures that takes me back to a better time. I reminisce over the memories of coffee times with my parents. My dad would have 2 cups and several smokes on his Winston cigarettes every morning before he went off to his job at Hill Optical Company on Harwood Street in Downtown Dallas. He needed something to help him jump start his day. But I didn't need a jump start. I was always on the go. I would go visit with my friend next door and we would either go to the park on our skateboards and fly frisbee on the weekends, or ride bikes all over Dallas, to Mt. Creek lake with our snacks to take along.

When I was older, I had one of my first jobs, working at a retail hardware store, a mom and pop operation, where they sold paint, lumber, hardware and even concrete for construction workers. They were exactly like a mini-Home Depot. I felt right at home there. It was one of my favorite first time jobs ever. I would go to work early at the Davis-Hawn lumber company on Beckley at Illinois in southeast Dallas, and the first thing I saw when I went inside the store was, the coffee being brewed for the old men in the back, the real leaders of the group. They were elderly men, and I was just out of high school. Just about 18 years old. I was green and needed to learn the ropes. I had no access to their coffee pot. I had to settle with whatever I brought to work for lunch. usually drank water from the fountain is all.

But I would spend time at the corner Austin's Barbecue on weekends, having a coffee and a breakfast with a friend, talking about what we would do that day and having bacon and eggs and toast with jam and that strong Austin's dark brewed black death with cream and sugar added.

The feeling I got was like I was in a zone. I was having hot coffee, the way I liked it, in a setting like an old western pub that sold barbecue and had wall music boxes and the smell of hot cooked food. Nothing better to start an early morning outing.

There are few of these types of places left. If I want a coffee now I have to either order one from Micky D's at a Walmart, located inside the big box warehouse retailer. I would stand and wait and then order my small or medium coffee and sit down with coffee and notebook and pen and sip on it while waiting for my wife to do her shopping. I would jot down my ideas on that spiral notebook. it was like I was once again, in the zone.

The central focus of this topic is basically about my relationship with coffee and being in the zone.

Now days, my place to have a cup is at my computer, writing short articles online and having my cup of coffee in my man cave, while my wife watches Wendy Williams or her soaps. I guess I always liked being in a cozy and comfy place where I could think my own thoughts, express myself and have coffee while doing so. I guess I am basically a creature of habit.

Wherever I go, no matter how near or far, as long as there is coffee I can get into the zone and be content with my moment of sipping down black death with sugar and cream and remember the good old days. In fact I am still living in the good old days because I for one have gotten pretty old. At 60 years of age going on 100, I am still the same kid on the block. I still have my silly notions about things and well , I do miss my mom and dad. I also miss many of my good friends who have died. The coffee takes me back like some kind of time machine of sorts. It sets the mood for story writing and article reading. If not for a good cup of coffee to jump start my day I would be slow to go.

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MegL wrote on May 16, 2018, 12:20 PM

Enjoyed reading that. I like coffee but it doesn't put me in the zone. The only thing I found to do that is exercise and I need to lose some weight to be able to do that again.

VinceSummers wrote on May 16, 2018, 10:37 PM

I'm like Meg, I'm a-feared. Coffee's no big whoop, though I do drink it and like it. The smell that drove me nuts was nuts! Morrow's Nut House had the best aroma I've ever smelled, as they roasted those nuts. Funny thing is: I never purchased even one nut there...