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Do You Recognize This Business Practice? Lower Standards of Service for More Money

I am convinced THE desired ultimate business standard is to get the people's money from them without giving them anything for it.

Now obviously such a standard is not able to be enacted, at least in this point. But that is, perhaps without their realizing it, the ideal in the business world.

YOU are seeing it, even if you don't recognize it, though to a much lesser extent. And we are being conditioned to accept it. Examples?

  1. Ever heard of a Paralegal?
  2. Remember when the dentist cleaned your teeth?
  3. Remember when you never heard of a Nurse Practitioner?
  4. Remember when there were no ATMs?

Or do you remember the days before

  1. There was such a thing as margarine?
  2. The invention of high-fructose corn syrup?
  3. "Durable" plastic kids' toys?
  4. Stainless steel flatware?
  5. Particle board furniture?
  6. Bikinis [very little fabric, pleasing manufacturers]

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lookatdesktop wrote on April 20, 2018, 5:05 PM

I remember when girls wore dresses and men opened doors for ladies. I can remember even when the milk man came by and the coal man dumped coal in the basement. Times are so different that I look around and really do not recognize much any more.

MegL wrote on April 21, 2018, 6:30 AM

I remember when there were no ATMs and having to queue all lunchtime to withdraw money. I also remember one of my grannies sitting down to clean her flatware with silver polish every week. And I remember getting bank statements through the post, instead of going on line to check my balance. But yes, I agree with your position.

VinceSummers wrote on April 21, 2018, 7:29 AM

Yes, there are positive aspects, but the big payoff is for the institutions. Is it a win-win situation to go modern? Often. But in the examples I cited, where the individual gets some return, it is a WIN-win situation, the WIN being at the other end of the stick. ATMs? Don't pay someone. Eliminate a worker. That might be listed as a WIN-win-LOSE. And similarly for chain businesses. The chain WINs. The customer, at least for a while, wins. The employee LOSES. Pitiful pay. Few benefits.

MegL wrote on April 21, 2018, 8:20 AM

Yes, very true. IT was supposed to provide more leisure for everyone but I don't see it.