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When visitors come over to see us in our home, please leave your blue tooth in the car.

Our friend likes devices and has a cell phone, a galaxy phone and a blue tooth connected pair of ear buds so he can listen to Rush all day long. Rush, the radio guy who talks not the rock group Rush, that is a whole other subject. Anyway, it was like that a few days ago.

He comes over to visit but when he sits down to visit he is constantly listening to a radio talk show with his blue tooth wireless earbuds and I wasn't even aware of it. I mean, I would talk to him and he appeared to be listening to me, but then, if he was actually ignoring me and just listening to his radio guy talk, then I would be furious.

Next time, leave the radio and the blue tooth ear buds in the truck. Okay? I mean, if you're over here and don't want to listen to what we have to say, then I could just as easily go to my PC and watch Hulu while you sit in the living room drinking coffee and pretending to listen to my wife.

I know for a fact that a person can not listen and pay full attention to another with a radio talk show going on in both ears!

And for those who blue tooth their days as they shop, it makes you look like a person talking to themselves. It is both rude and looks crazy to people around you who find it hard to know if the person talking is talking to voices in their head or voices from a cell phone.

And if I get company next time I will not hesitate to shut the television off . That is too easy to become a distraction. If a person wants to visit us, it is supposed to be a conversation, not just a place to sit and get comfortable and watch tv and such as a visitor. Even when my wife and I are in the living room and television is on, I try to keep quiet during the show but know it is next to impossible to talk to my wife when the soaps are on. I get into way too much trouble when I talk during one of those soaps.

If I leave to go to my computer to watch my YouTubes or my Hulu shows, It might look like I am deliberately being anti-social but then we both have our differences in what we consider to be entertainment and educational.

What do you do when a person comes over to see you and prefers to watch television or fiddle with their mobile device? Do you grab the thing and throw it out the door or stomp on it? or do you mainly feel like it? Rude is simply rude behavior and there is no polite way to visit a person's home and listen to talk radio with earbuds on or watch television and ignore what they are saying to you. It is just plain rude.

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MegL wrote on April 19, 2018, 5:21 PM

Why bother going to visit someone if you are only going to listen to a radio show? Most of those shows can be downloaded to be listened to later, if you really want. Surely the person isn't on air 24 hours a day? Turning the TV off and ignoring your cell phone is only polite.

lookatdesktop wrote on April 19, 2018, 5:43 PM

Being ignored by a visitor to your home is painfully awkward.

VinceSummers wrote on April 19, 2018, 6:35 PM

I'm not a radio guy. But if I was, I still wouldn't act like this.

MegL wrote on April 20, 2018, 2:34 AM

Yes, you would wonder why they bother coming! We have one person who calls in if he has to wait for a train and it's cold or raining but he talks! And talks and talks .....

Colibry21 wrote on April 30, 2018, 8:04 PM

That really makes no sense. If you're going to visit someone, why would you listen to the radio? Wouldn't it be best to stay home and listen to it? If you're going to visit someone, usually it's because you want to see them and talk to them.

lookatdesktop wrote on May 1, 2018, 2:14 PM

Of course you would not. My friend likes his blue tooth but last time he was over, I asked him, "Are you just trying to impress me with that gadget you have stuck in your ear?" He said, "If I was to impress you Anthony, I would let you see my case that holds two of these babies" and he opened up his little blue tooth ear bud case and showed it too me. I was not impressed as much as he might think. LOL

lookatdesktop wrote on May 1, 2018, 2:16 PM

You have no idea how people sometimes acted when visiting us. At one time I was more or less tolerant of this behavior, especially on special dinner nights because when they ate and ran back home it was a win - win for us. I needed a break after dinner anyway so I sighed relief when the room was quite once more. LOL