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Fairy Dust - A Tiny Terror Story

Big Cousin, Bed Time And The Midnight Fairy

Mummy hadn't been feeling well. The Tiny Terror had a new baby brother, who was only 6 weeks old and mummy was tired and had caught a cold or a virus, so Big Cousin came to help put The Tiny Terror and The Watering Pot to bed one evening. Now Big Cousin was 11 years old and The Tiny Terror and The Watering Pot loved her very much. She loved to play with them and their toys, so she was good fun but they did tend to be mischievous when it came time to going down to sleep. Big Cousin loved to play with crafts and paper and paint and all sorts of things and so did they, so she told them that if they were good and went down to sleep without nonsense, she would get the Midnight Fairy to make a small fairy gift box for each of them for the following day. They both went down to sleep quickly and Big Cousin brought the small gift boxes up the next day, with lots of tiny things small children like, like beads and cut outs and tiny bottles of fairy dust glitter and a letter for each of them, specially written in magical curly writing, by the Midnight Fairy.

Mummy Wasn't Well

The following morning, mummy's throat was very sore and she hadn't had much sleep, so she asked The Tiny Terror and The Watering Pot to go downstairs with their daddy while she slept and kept Little Brother sleeping too. The Tiny Terror was very sad that her mummy wasn't well and was very concerned. She went quietly out of the bedroom, for a few moments, then came back in and rubbed her mummy's head gently. "I'm using fairy magic to make you better," she said. "Thank you," said mummy going back down to sleep.

Fairy Dust

When mummy got up an hour later, she couldn't understand why the bed and Little Brother's head were glittering, then realised that she had had fairy dust (glitter) rubbed all over her head to make her better. It had cascaded all over the bed, was down her neck and shoulders and had landed on Little Brother too. "Do you feel better now, mummy?" asked The Tiny Terror when mummy came downstairs.

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