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The Tiny Terror Gets Sticky Chocolate

Grandad's Favorite Chocolate

at present, is Cadbury's Caramel. It's a chocolate bar with a soft sticky, runny, caramel filling. He is very good at sharing his chocolate with any grandchildren who are around and they know this.

The Tiny Terror Is Getting Better

Now that she has turned 4 years old, she is improving and provided she is in the house and unable to open the front door, she is reasonably safe and so requires a little less supervision than previously. She's a big girl now and goes to nursery school. She will go to elementary school in September!

Evening Treat

A few days ago, after dinner, Grandad shared some chocolate with two of his granddaughters. It was his favorite Caramel bar. One gobbled it up immediately. The Tiny Terror likes to savor hers, licking it and making it last as long as possible. Of course, that means her face and hands end up sticky but those can always be washed.


About half an hour later, I heard the Tiny Terror shouting from the room where she and her sister were watching a children's film before getting ready for bed. "I can't get it off," she explained, handing me a Christmas card that I had left lying on top of a desk. I opened it, not knowing about the evening treat at that point. There were brown marks on the inside and she was still trying to wipe her hands on the card. We went into the bathroom next door and got a flannel to wipe her face and hands and satisfied she sat down. It was only then, I saw the socks on the floor and found they were stuck together with caramel. She had taken her socks off to use to wipe her hands. When grandad came up, he found his shoes sticking to the carpet - she had also wiped her hands on that!

How Much Did She Eat?

Judging by the level of stickiness on the card, her socks and the floor, she probably didn't eat very much of the chocolate at all, yet she normally loves it!

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VinceSummers wrote on April 15, 2018, 2:12 PM

Cadbury's is very nice stuff. But I enjoy just about any chocolate you care to share with me. I could eat about 5 lbs. of Nestles' Crunch bars...

lookatdesktop wrote on April 15, 2018, 9:19 PM

That is some sticky icky mess! Good chocolate is savored. My wife likes to savor her Hershey's chocolate bars. I eat them up ASAP. I also get it all over my fingers. LOL