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Serving a Cooked Dill Pickle? Really?

Well, I'm on my computer at home when my wife and son come home from visiting a nearby shopping mall.

They brought back a sandwich my wife and I decided we'd split (to see if it was any good). It was called a Reuben Sub.

OK. Hey, it was good! A nice surprise. And they also bought a deli dill pickle. And guess what?

It was not one of those stinking, lousy, rubbery, boiled Vlasic pickles. It was not even a much better Claussen's pickle (not boiled). It was a totally crunchy, vinegary, spicy, delicious, genuine, real, dill pickle! Too good!

The place was called Firehouse Subs. It claims it's operated by real firemen. Figures, doesn't it? Would you want to fight a fire on Arby's?

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MegL wrote on April 12, 2018, 5:46 AM

I am not sure what a dill pickle is. We have not bought pickled items for many years because my husband used to have an ulcer and vinegar or even cooked onions caused him agony. That is cured now but we still do not buy them. As a child, my parents used to buy mixed pickles in a jar at Christmas time. There were gherkins in that and I am not sure whether those are the same.

VinceSummers wrote on April 12, 2018, 7:49 AM

I eat only dills. I can't eat sweet pickles. Dills (and I've made some quite lovely ones, thank you!) are marvelous, but they must -- and I repeat -- they MUST be both juicy AND crispy! Not juicy, flexible, and rubbery. A real taste treat.