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Any Unexpected Bird or Animal Where You Live?

We undoubtedly all live in areas where there are bird and animal varieties we may see as often as each day. Here in Virginia, it is not rare to see deer, opossum, bear, fox, skunk, buzzards, even the relatively rare bald eagle.

But sometimes, there's the unexpected. The animal or bird you would never have though lived in your area (and perhaps, it ordinarily doesn't!). I've experienced a bit of that here. Some examples?

  1. Fisher - a black, moderately small muskrat like creature that lives in the vicinity of water.
  2. Cormorant - don't ask me where that guy came from! He was at a telephone pole.
  3. Pot-bellied Pig - this guy wasn't near a house, but crossed a rural road. Perhaps an escape.

Another couple of people I know spotted a mountain lion. Believe it or not. In Virginia.

What about you? Anything out of the ordinary?

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MegL wrote on February 26, 2018, 10:10 AM

I certainly hope we don't spot a mountain lion! One of our local bird watchers lets us know about rare bird sightings. One came across from North America!

VinceSummers wrote on February 26, 2018, 10:12 AM

Yes, they will sometimes appear a great deal out of their normal range. I believe I recall hearing about a Woodcock being observed at the top of a skyscraper in New York once.

lookatdesktop wrote on February 26, 2018, 11:12 AM

I spotted a white rabbit, in the neighbor's back yard, obviously a family pet or dinner? I have seen a few very large grey or white opossums walk around the foundation of the house late at night, under the shrubs. I have seen blue jays, brown fox squirrels, cardinals, robin red breasts, grackles, pigeons, doves and mocking birds, and several stray cats and stray dogs. The oddest thing I came across once was a large raccoon, about 35 pounds in a neighbor's hack berry tree. I've seen some strange looking flying insects and creepy crawly types of snakes and spiders off and on throughout the year from season to season. And of course a wide variety of lizards, like the horny toad, the gecko and the boy next door had a pet iguana. A frog hopped out from under a shrub I was digging around to loosen up the soil with a hand trowel. What I have not seen in a long while that I used to see very frequently however is the common sparrow. I have no idea why I do not see them any more around my neighborhood. Maybe because I no longer put out seed for the birds. Maybe I can put some out this spring and see if any sparrows appear?

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VinceSummers wrote on February 26, 2018, 11:19 AM

A surprisingly tame collection considering you are in Texas! We have many of those things in Virginia. The strangest thing to me, upon my moving from New Jersey to Virginia, was the Buzzard (or Vulture). We didn't have any where I was from. And as for plants, the Tulip Poplar with its nearly square leaves was a genuine curiosity.

lookatdesktop wrote on February 28, 2018, 11:45 AM

The Tulip Poplar seems quite extraordinary.