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The Bachelor on ABC broadcast T.V. My take on the show

I know there are lots of romantics out there

I don't get the Bachelor t.v. show. How can any one man take on so many women and do it in front of millions of t.v. viewers and remain completely honest with his feelings?

Watching a show like the Bachelor, where one man dates and kisses several different women in front of the television cameras for millions to see, but how can I take this show seriously?

Give me a break. It is all a show full of pretty people, traveling to luxurious and exotic locations and acting so nice in front of the cameras, while we at home become more or less amused by it all. I know it seems a bit like watching a soap opera actually, in my own humble opinion. But who asked me, right?

My wife and I sat and watched the 2 hour broadcast on ABC network television and yes, the interactions between the one single man and the many many beautiful women, all single and looking for love, well at best it was entertaining and isn't that what the show is actually all about?

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MegL wrote on February 13, 2018, 2:19 PM

I don't know that tv is the best place to find love or romance.

lookatdesktop wrote on February 13, 2018, 8:30 PM

Absolutely not!